Hearty Rewards FAQ







What is Hearty Rewards?

Hearty Rewards is our app-based loyalty program! Download the Hale and Hearty app to earn $5 for every $50 you spend*. You can either pay through the app for fast, easy checkout, or use it for loyalty only and pay with cash or credit separately. You’ll also receive exclusive app-only offers and promotions!

*taxes not included


How does the new spend $50 earn $5 work?

We’ve recently updated our loyalty program from Spend $100, Earn $10 to Spend $50, Earn $5 so you could be rewarded faster. When you update your app, your account will reconcile on your next transaction. For example, before the update:

If you’ve spent less than $50: there will be no change. Once you spend $50 you’ll unlock $5.

If you’ve spent more than $50: you’ll receive $5 on your next transaction and begin a new loyalty cycle.

Questions? We’re here to help! Email us at haleandhearty@thelevelup.com.

Do I Have to Link a Credit Card to The App?

Hale and Hearty offers you the option to participate in our loyalty program without linking a payment method! The choice is yours. During the registration process, users will have the choice to skip adding a payment method to the app. Once in the app, a QR code will display on the pay screen for both users who do and do not have a payment method linked. Users who do not have a payment method linked to the app will scan the QR code to track loyalty and then pay outside of the app with an alternative, valid payment method. By scanning the app’s QR code, their transaction will count towards the app’s loyalty program. The app user will be able to track their progress in the exact same ways as a user who chooses to link a payment. In both cases, loyalty can be tracked via the rewards screen.  

Can I use Hearty Rewards for delivery orders?

Yes! Connect your LevelUp account on our website to earn loyalty credit for delivery orders. Please note, a payment method must be linked to your account.  

Can I see the soup specials for each store through the app?

Yes! The soup specials for all our stores can be viewed within the menu tab of the app!  

Can I order online through the app and get rewarded?

Yes!  Order ahead through the app and earn rewards for delivery and pickup orders. Go ahead and skip the line!  

Will my rewards credit ever expire?

Of course not! Any credit you earn with the app will be available until you make your next purchase, at which point it'll be automatically applied.  

How do I earn credit?

When you scan the app at checkout, you automatically progress towards unlocking rewards. For every $50 you spend*, you earn $5 in credit; it is that simple! Your credit automatically applies the next time you use the app. Track your progress: Open the app and hit the My Rewards tab. This screen will show you your progress towards your next $5 reward. Swipe to see a list of all credits and rewards available to you

*taxes not included


How do I change/manage my payment method?

These instructions are specific to both the iPhone and Android apps. You can manage your credit cards from within the app:

  1. Open the app and log in
  2. Tap the Settings gearbox button in the upper right-hand corner
  3. Select Manage Credit/Debit Cards
  4. Tap to select an existing card or Add New Debit/CreditCard
  5. Scan your card or type in your card information, then tap "Add Card"

To select a default card, simply touch that card. If we have any problems charging your default card, we will automatically try the next one on your account. You can remove cards at any time by swiping your finger across it and selecting Delete. If there are no credit cards associated with your account, you won't be able to pay with your app but can use it for loyalty only and pay with cash or credit separately.  

Where can I see my transaction history?

You can view your transaction history from within the app!

  1. Open the app and log in
  2. Tap the Settings gearbox button in the upper right-hand corner (iPhone) or tap the Features button in the drop down menu (Android)
  3. Select Transaction History
  4. Tap on an entry to view the details of your transaction

Additionally, after every purchase you make with the app, you'll receive a receipt from LevelUp. You'll see the location visited, amount spent, and any credit that was applied. If you don't recognize a particular transaction, please send an e-mail to haleandhearty@thelevelup.com from the address that is linked to your Hale & Hearty account. We'll need the following information to help secure your account:

  • date, amount, and location of unauthorized charge
  • best phone number to reach you with other questions

We'll contact you ASAP to get everything taken care of!  

What types of credit and debit cards can I use?

We support all credit and debit cards.  

How do I reset my password?

For iPhone and Android: If you're logged in:

  • Tap the Settings gearbox button in the upper right-hand corner of the Pay screen (iOS) or tap the Features button in the drop down menu (Android)
  • Select Profile
  • Scroll down to the password field and enter your new password
  • Tap Update Profile

If you're logged out:

  • Open the app and tap Log In
  • Tap Forgot Password?
  • Enter your e-mail address and we will send you an automated e-mail with a temporary password
  • Log in with your temporary password and change it to your new password

You can also reset your password online at www.thelevelup.com/login (applicable for iPhone and Android users):

  • Log in at www.thelevelup.com/login
  • Click on "Forgot password?" and enter your e-mail address
  • Click Reset Password
  • Check your e-mail and follow the link to reset your password

If you have any issues, shoot us an e-mail at haleandhearty@thelevelup.com.  

Apple Passbook/Wallet integration

You can seamlessly store your Hale and Hearty app card right within Apple Wallet. From there, you're able to track your loyalty rewards and even pay right from your pass!  

What if I want a refund?

If you are dissatisfied with your purchase and require a refund, please contact us at Hale and Hearty. You will receive an email notification immediately afterwards notifying you that the refund has been processed.  

Why is there a recurring charge on my account?

Certain payment processors show charges as recurring in order to decrease the chance of the charge getting rejected. Though it looks like the charge is recurring, it's not actually recurring and won't debit your account. If you have any questions, please send us an e-mail at haleandhearty@thelevelup.com.  

What is the $1 charge on my account?

When you register a new debit or credit card to your Hale and Hearty account, we conduct an authorization hold. This is a temporary charge on your account for $1 as a test to ensure the card will work well with our app. That way, when it comes time for you to make your first purchase, there will be no issues processing payment. This $1 authorization hold will always be removed from your card. Typically, you should see it refunded after 1-5 business days, but it may take as long as 30 days depending on the bank. It never actually gets charged!  

I never spent this much at Hale and Hearty. Why is it appearing on my bank statement?

To help save on processing fees, we bundle transactions together into one charge. The money we save gets passed back to you as rewards, so it's a win-win. When we charge your card, you'll receive a "Your card has been charged..." e-mail, which will detail which charges are contained in the bundle.  

I was double-charged! How do I get a refund?

If you're still in the store, you can go right back to the cashier to get a refund. You'll know if you were charged twice because you will have received two receipts in your e-mail. If you've already left, please send an e-mail to haleandhearty@thelevelup.com from the e-mail address linked to your app account with the date of the charge, the amount, and store location. We will be in touch with you as soon as possible to get everything straightened out!  

Why is there a charge from LevelUp on my bank/credit card statement?

Don't worry! The Hale and Hearty app is built on the LevelUp mobile payment platform. Each time you make a purchase using the app, the charge comes through as LEVELUP.  

I don't recognize a charge on my account.

Security is our highest priority at Hale and Hearty. If you do not recognize a transaction in your history, or if you receive a receipt for a purchase you did not make, please follow these steps immediately:

  1. De-authenticate your devices by logging into thelevelup.com. Click on Control Panel at the top of the page and select De-authenticate Devices. This will reset your Hale and Hearty barcode and log your account out of all devices.
  2. Contact us! Please e-mail haleandhearty@thelevelup.com from the e-mail address linked to your account with the following info:
      • date, amount, and location of unrecognized charge
      • best phone number to contact you with further questions
  3. A member of our support team will contact you as soon as possible.

How do I add a security PIN to my app, and what if I forget it?

Hale and Hearty allows you to lock down use of your app with a security PIN. To enable this feature on your phone, please log into the app and tap the Settings gearbox button in the upper right-hand corner, and then select Enable PIN Lock. The following screen will prompt you to edit and confirm your 4-digit PIN. When PIN Lock is enabled, this 4-digit PIN will be required to access the app. Make sure to remember your PIN! Due to our aggressive security measures designed to keep your information safe, it is not possible to reclaim a security PIN within the Hale and Hearty app. If you do forget your PIN, you'll need to delete and re-install the app, at which point you will need to login with your Hale and Hearty account to use it again. To remove the app: iPhone: Hold down the app icon on your home screen until it begins to shake. Touch the small red x that appears and confirm deletion of the app and its data. Android: Tap Menu > Settings > Applications > Manage Applications. Select the Hale & Hearty app, tap Uninstall, and confirm deletion. To reinstall the app: Search in the App Store or Google Play for Hale and Hearty, tap 'Install', and watch the magic happen. Launch the app, login as normal, and you're good to keep earning rewards at Hale and Hearty!  

Is the Hale and Hearty App secure?

Yes. The Hale and Hearty app is powered by LevelUp, a mobile payment platform that takes the security of your personal information very seriously. Your credit card information is transmitted by SSL directly to a secure electronic vault, and at no time is your credit card information stored on LevelUp's servers. Additionally, we never sell your personal information to third parties. For more information, please check out LevelUp's full Privacy Policy and Security pages.  

I Lost My Phone!

The Hale and Hearty app is powered by LevelUp, one of the most secure payment systems out there, so preventing unauthorized use of your account is simple. All you need to do is de-authorize your device, and the 2D barcode on your app will no longer work. To de-authenticate your device:

  1. Log into your account at thelevelup.com
  2. Click on Control Panel at the top of the page
  3. Select Deactivate

This will reset your barcode and log out your account on all devices. To access your new barcode, you'll have to log into the app again.